Transform Customer Relationships

We believe in the collective genius of the crowd. People are the experts on their outcomes. Through a patented process of direct customer engagement, HundredX creates the right combination of listening software, analysis and advice to enable clients to become great listeners.

Software enabled listening channels + Analytics + advisory

Harness the wisdom of your customers

  • Create better customer outcomes through thoughtful data collection and analysis

  • Improve decision-making and execution through crowdsourced product and strategic roadmaps

  • Increase customer acquisition and retention by quickly engaging customers at critical points in the sales funnel

  • Generate compelling marketing content and insights to attract new business

  • Enable 1:1 customer direct relationships for a more personalized brand experience

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Listening Channels

Our software turns traditional survey on its head, creating simple and fun interfaces that help boost response rates and allow the user to tell you what really matters.

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Reporting & Analytics

We partner with clients to discover game-changing insights through world-class reporting and analytics. We take the heavy lifting off your plate so that you can focus on what’s important.

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Client Success & Partnership

We are the experts in donor engagement and use our experience to help you maximize the value of your donors and stakeholders. We are truly an extension of your team.

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