December 1, 2016
Expresit Giveaway Winners
“My interaction our local GameStop was outstanding,” says happy customer & Expresit app user, Michael Stewart.

This is why Michael, a business owner, and a father of six, and a frequent GameStop customer, chose to recognize a GameStop employee with the Expresit app.

When Michael went to GameStop to purchase gifts for his boys, he was immediately impressed by the very tailored, personal customer service he experienced. Michael explained how the GameStop employee helped him select games that fit his sons’ personalities, and helped him with options regarding online gaming.

Michael was so pleased with his experience at GameStop that he decided to use the Expresit app to publicly recognize and thank this employee for the awesome service he provided.

Michael owns his own business, and thus, he knows firsthand how powerful good customer service is. “With my business, customer service is key to repeat business; therefore, I patronize businesses that care about their customers,” explained Michael.

We are proud to award our everyday heromaker, Michael with $500, as a way to honor such individuals who recognize exceptional customer service.

Michael described how great it feels to acknowledge those who provide such excellent service: “I love using the Expresit app because it gives me an opportunity to recognize those individuals who take pride in their work and who do their best to be a beacon of light to those they serve.”

Congratulations again to Michael for being an Expresit Giveaway winner, and an everyday heromaker!

To enter in to win, or to recognize an everyday hero in your life, download the app here.
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