August 23, 2016
Expresit Giveaway June Winners
O’Reilly Auto Parts Employee Makes This Mother’s Car Troubles a Little Less Stressful with a little Kindness & Efficient Customer Service

We’ve all been in that dreaded situation: you’re on your way to work, picking your kids up from school, running late for a friend’s dinner party, and your car battery dies.

Dealing with car problems is hardly ever a pleasant experience; that is, unless you’re working with someone like Michael Lam Phu at O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Adrienne Lenhoff was having a particularly trying month full of home repair needs and car problems when she met Michael at O’Reilly’s. Her son’s car had died, and she needed answers as to how the year-old battery could already need replacing.

After having a troubling service experience at one auto repair shop, Adrienne and her son crossed the street to visit O’Reilly Auto Parts, which is when they first met Michael.

“Michael could not have been kinder and more helpful,” said Adrienne when asked about her customer service experience with her everyday hero.

Having just dealt with a less-than-helpful employee elsewhere, Michael’s kindness and efficiency inspired Adrienne to recognize him as an everyday hero on the Expresit app.

When asked for her own definition of excellent customer service, Adrienne explained that good customer service illustrates that a company and its employees value their customers as human beings, rather than transactions.

“It goes back to treat others as you want to be treated,” Adrienne said. “Patience, understanding, and helpfulness go a long way in making a [customer service] experience a positive one.”

According to Adrienne, Michael emanated all of the above traits of a great customer service provider.

We are proud to award everyday hero, Michael (“Mike”), and his heromaker, Adrienne, with $1,000 to share as our June Giveaway winners, as a way to honor those who both provide and recognize exceptional customer service.

Congratulations again to Michael & Adrienne for being everyday heroes. We appreciate all that you do.

Download our app, recognize an everyday hero in your life, and enter in to win our next Expresit Giveaway!
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