September 21, 2015
Inspiring the Young
Students today face numerous issues when attending school; acceptance, bullying, cliques, + learning barriers just to name a few. Education is a key to the future and the moment when a student finds a teacher that is inspiring, helpful and determined is something to treasure.

Michele Kassa is a mother of six deaf, hard of hearing and hearing kids in San Diego. “Our life is full of adventure every day,” she said. “As a single mom, I am so grateful for the people that impact our lives from our family, friends, church and school.” Some of her kids attend Lafayette Elementary School and her experience with one teacher, inspired her to recognize him for his dedication through the Expresit App.

Mr. Z is a K-12 educator of the deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) students. He has taught DHH students since 2006 and just received his Ed.D in Teaching and Learning from UCSD. He first met Michele when she visited his class for an open house/orientation event. “Since that day, I kept an open communication with her about her child’s academic progress and among other things, especially positive things that her child accomplished in school.” A father of middle school children himself, Mr. Z knows what it means for parents to have their children succeed and has made it his priority to always keep open communication with parents.

Michele used the Expresit app to recognize Mr. Z for his work saying, “Thank you for investing in the lives of deaf and hard of hearing children. Thank you for encouraging them to dream big and never give up. They can become anything they want to be. And most of all, thank you for teaching them ‘I don't know’ isn't an answer! Have a great summer!”

It is no wonder Mr. Z has had such an impact on his students! His dedication to their success and inspiring their future is evident in his classroom and that is why he was a winner of our $1,000 giveaway! “It feels great to be recognized and rewarded,” he said, “because it shows that I am doing something right and meaningful for my students and their parents."

Why does Michele love using Expresit? “We've all had those days at work that can make us feel like it's such a struggle,” she said. “I love being able to brighten someone’s day - unexpectedly - by letting them know their work is noticed and they've made me smile.” We too, share a deep respect for people who take joy and pride in doing what they do with excellence. We are happy to celebrate people like Mr. Z who are committed to excellence and making a difference! Keep up the good work!
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Summer vacation is officially over, and all the children are heading back to school. It’s a bittersweet season, full of both relief and sadness and of course, stress. For one Expresit user, Jen, this is no exception.