August 4, 2015
Connor vs. The Hungry Toddler
If you have children you’ve probably been there before. That last errand took a little longer than expected, it’s now early afternoon and hunger pains are transforming your normally lovable little one into, well, someone less pleasant.

Parents seldom plan on putting themselves and their children in rough spots, but let’s face it - not much in life goes according to plan. There are many cheaper, faster solutions for a quick hunger fix for your children when you’re out and about, but what do you do when you’d rather sit down for a nicer meal in a more, shall we say grownup environment? This is exactly the situation that LaTashia found herself in just a few weeks ago.

By the time afternoon came around, LaTashia was having what she describes as “a bad day” and it was past time to eat. Thoughts of a kid-centric and potentially chaotic fast food environment wasn’t exactly appetizing. However, going to an “adult” sit-down place hasn’t always worked for LaTashia and her three year old daughter either.

“Kids can be very unpredictable. One minute they are angels and in the blink of an eye you are putting on your best smile and apologizing to strangers because your kid fell out over something random.” LaTashia went on to explain one past experience, “I had a server literally ignore us to the point where a server from another section came and waited on us. She let us know that our server didn't like children in his section. I was extremely bothered by that because this was a huge chain establishment so why would managers allow someone like this to be a server?”

However, despite the unpredictability of a hungry kid in a sit-down restaurant, LaTashia was willing to take the risk. Thanks to Connor from P.F. Chang’s, this time was different.

“Never in all my life have I been waited on by such an awesome waiter like Connor.”

So what is Connor’s secret? “I truly believe Connor was just being himself the day we crossed paths, but what surprised me the most was how attentive he was with my daughter. He never gave her the chance to have a bad experience that day. All she kept saying was, "Mommy that boy called me a princess. He's so funny."

Being attentive, friendly, and helpful is usually enough to ensure a customer has a good experience, but it’s those little extra things that can leave a lasting impression. “Connor went above and beyond to make our dining experience memorable. He made my daughter smile the entire time and before we left he personally made her a princess crown. She still remembers going out to eat at P.F. Chang’s because of the princess crown he made for her. He made an impression on her. For someone to do that to her that she's only met once and might not ever see again ... that's surprising to me.”

While three-year-olds might not be their target clientele, LaTashia thinks there are a few simple lessons that restaurants can learn from Connor. “Make sure the staff understands that children are people, too. They come to eat and enjoy themselves just like adults. Give them the same amount of TLC as if they were the ones paying. Servers can learn from Connor that all you need to do is smile, be positive, and go out of your way on occasion to be a ray of sunshine to your customers because you never know what it could do for them on THAT day.”

The reward of Connor’s outstanding customer service didn’t stop there. He made such a positive impression that LaTashia pulled out her phone, opened her Expresit (formerly Goodsnitch) app and left a raving review to ensure that his managers knew how special of an employee they had. When her feedback came across our screens at Expresit headquarters, we instantly knew this was going to be the winner of our weekly $1,000 giveaway.

Each month at Expresit we select one everyday hero and the person who recognized them to share $1,000. Our goal is to recognize one million everyday heroes and our giveaway is a great way to thank them. We want to make it easy for you to thank the hard-working people that are all around you. Download the Expresit app, create an account and start leaving feedback today!
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