May 25, 2017
Expresit Giveaway Winners
This Loyal Customer Drives 25 Miles Just For the Great Customer Service at this Retailer

Ever driven extra miles just to grab coffee at your favorite local spot; to buy groceries at your favorite market; or to purchase products from your favorite employee?

This type of customer loyalty is very special, and is perfectly illustrated by the relationship between our February Expresit Giveaway Winners: Mark and Mike.

Mark Millman, our heromaker, holds this type of loyalty with a particular Vapor Sharks location. “When I find a business that is honest and treats people right, I frequent that business,“ explained Mark. “I live 25 miles away and there are other Vapor Sharks that are closer. But this location is by far the best.”

This loyalty sprouted from the exceptional customer service he has received from our everyday hero, Michael (Mike) Banos. According to Mark, Mike is a wonderful Vapor Sharks employee.

“Mike always goes above and beyond of what is necessary. He takes time to inform his clients and new clients,” Mark stated. This is why he decided to use our Expresit app to nominate Mike as an everyday hero.

We are proud to share that Mike & Mark are our February Expresit Monthly Giveaway winners!

When the team at Expresit told Mike he was the Expresit Giveaway winner, he was ecstatic. Mike told us just how much he adores his clients. He explained how he and Mark have a great relationship and how he always looks forward to seeing Mark and his wife when they come to the shop.

When asked about his approach to great customer service, Mike explained how he believes there is no other way than to treat every customer who comes to his store as a great friend.

Cheers to Mike, for fostering such loyalty through his commitment to such personalized customer service. And thank you to our heromaker, Mark, for having the courage to recognize Mike’s stand-out efforts.

We here at Expresit are honored to continue to recognize and reward everyday heroes like Mike through our monthly Expresit Giveaway.

To enter in to win, or to recognize an everyday hero in your life, download the app here.
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