Actionable reports and insights

We provide insights-focused reports and analytics tools on more than 1,000 leading consumer companies and products across all major sectors.

Report highlights:

  • Help business leaders and investors make better real-time decisions.

  • Provide uniform benchmarking for easy comparisons.

  • Highlight key trends and factors creating competitive differentiation and re-defining industries.

  • Link customer satisfaction with company valuations and other financial metrics.


 The average customer survey gets a 2–7% response rate. We create up to 30% response rates with our proprietary approach.


Our data is different

Our data is more representative and benchmarked.

By minimizing feedback from the loudest voices who often respond to surveys, we capture true crowd-sourced sentiments. We provide unfiltered, proprietary data on your business, your competitors, your investments, and other relevant companies.


Designed for you

We believe the successful businesses of the future will be built around the customer. We design our data reports so that multiple parts of your organization can use them.


The impact

Actionable insights with diverse uses.

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Improved decision-making

Arm yourself with quality insights to better inform your decisions.

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Growth and performance

Unearth potential areas to drive incremental revenue and better performance.

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An investing edge

Use our data to anticipate market trends and competitive developments.

HundredX has developed the senior executive’s new best friend by advancing the ‘leadership big four’—valuation, people, time management, and decision making.
— Tim Schoen, CEO, BioMed Realty

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