Our approach is different

We obsess over the feedback experience. In sixty seconds, our proprietary approach helps you get higher response rates and quality data. We’re with you every step of the way with a team providing design, software, and advice. We customize your engagement to maximize insights and minimize cost.


Partner with us


Increase brand equity 

Use strategic listening to hear what customers and employees want to tell you. Increase goodwill–don’t let surveys harm your brand.

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Get results faster

Combine software, advice, and analytics to help you quickly and easily generate essential insights.


Create leverage

Minimize your cost and maximize your impact and time.

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Foster a culture change

Elevate feedback to transform your organization into one where all voices are expected, celebrated, and central to your decisions.



Trailblazing new sales opportunities

How can you understand and overcome digital sales objections? You ask those prospects that didn’t convert for sixty seconds of advice. The Portland Trail Blazers worked with us to engage 12,000 customers and prospects on ticket packages, the buying experience, and their ultimate purchase decisions. The incredible response helped the Blazer’s fine-tune their product offerings, focus their sales efforts, and reactivate nearly 2,000 sales leads.

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