Wonderful Atmosphere and excellent customer service make for a loyal customer


Our March heromaker, Lura Allen, has been a fan of the local restaurant and bakery, Sugar and Scribe for years. Lura states, “I have been a patron of Sugar and Scribe since it was just a bakery on Garnet in Pacific Beach. I have known Maeve since then. Her passion for her work is unparalleled.” She continued to be a loyal customer even when they moved the town over to La Jolla, CA. 

It certainly takes more than just delicious food for a customer to continue to drive the town over. The customer service must be excellent as well. Lura certainly recognizes this by stating , “customer service is extremely valuable because it makes or breaks the consumer's experience. It will make the difference between a one-time customer and a loyal repeat customer.” 

When Lura used our Expresit App to recognize the excellent customer service of Chef Maeve we couldn’t help but notice. 

“Sugar and Scribe is my favorite brunch spot and bakery. Chef Maeve has created such a wonderful atmosphere and the food is so good!! Not only is their breakfast and lunch food outstanding, but so are their catering options and cakes. I have ordered custom cakes for baby showers, birthdays, etc. and they never disappoint!”

When we shared the flattering comment with Chef Maeve, she responded, “how very exciting to read. We really value every customer!” 

Kudos to our everyday hero, Chef Maeve for creating such an inviting atmosphere pioneered by your excellent customer service. And thank you to our heromaker, Lura Allen, for taking the time to recognize Chef Maeve’s great customer service and yummy cakes! 

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