'Listen to our Veterns' - Data Report


A consortium made up of leading San Diego-based media, business, technology and veterans organizations announced a first-of-its-kind digital project that is designed to help veterans share their experiences with various veteran programs and services. 

HundredX, Inc., in partnership with NBC7 San Diego, summarizes the initial results of the Listen to Our Veterans project, where over 1,000 respondents shared their feedback and opinions on veterans programs and related service experiences.

This project was undertaken by a consortium of partners including NBC7 San Diego, HundredX, Inc., Donovan’s Steak and Chop House and various San Diego County veteran’s organizations. The project objective was to find out what is working well and what’s not working well within the veterans community, and share those findings and stories that can help the collective support community ensure the best possible outcomes for veterans.

The project provided veterans the opportunity to share their experiences through the Express Feedback® digital listening solution, developed by HundredX, Inc. Unlike a traditional survey, respondents dictate what is important to them and only share the feedback they wish to provide. The entire process is designed so that users provide feedback in as fast as 30 seconds, with the collective responses resulting in a new data set of what was good, not so good, or did not matter.

The Veterans Program category choices included: Medical Care, Counseling, Home Loans, Financial Assistance, Education Assistance, Civilian Transition, Employment, Survivor Benefits, and Other.

The Veterans Staff/Service category choices included: Attitude, Skill, Wait Time, Friendly, Helpful, Patience, Integrity, Supportive and Other.

This project was provided primarily to the San Diego County veteran community, although since delivered digitally, was not limited to San Diego. 72% of respondents have received Veterans Services in San Diego County, 19% have not, and 9% did not indicate location of services. In terms of Veteran classification, 36% of respondents were Non-Retired, 31% Retired, 10% were Family Members, 5% Active Duty and 16% did not indicate their veteran status or relationship.

This report is being provided to the public via NBCsandiego.com

For additional information, contact HundredX at: info@hundredxInc.com

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“San Diego is home to a proud military and veteran community and we are honored to be a part of this local consortium that seeks to help our local veteran population have a voice,” said Richard Kelley, President and General Manager, NBC 7 San Diego. 

"As a veteran myself, I am proud to help provide information and data that will help maximize the effectiveness of all services provided to my fellow veterans," added Dan Shea, Managing Partner of Donovan's Steak and Chop House. 

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