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Creating a world where people are heard

After advising hundreds of businesses and stakeholders, we realized the most important skill in business and investing was the ability to listen. Despite powerful benefits, listening is often rare and difficult to translate into action. So we founded a technology company with listening at its core.


Our mission

Multiplying positive outcomes for people, businesses, and society.

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For people

We’re helping you create impact with your voice.


For businesses

We’re creating smarter ways for your decision-makers to filter through the noise and understand the feedback that matters.


For society

We’re enabling a focus on longer-term outcomes rather than short-term behaviors.


Our vision

Designing the successful organization of the future with the four c’s.

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See real-time customer satisfaction and experience scores on thousands of products in an easy to compare format.

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Anticipate customer satisfaction data dominating future consumer buying decisions and even how businesses are paid.

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Reorganize progressive companies around customer satisfaction and insights.

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Source the quality customer and employee feedback essential to success.


We’re here to listen

Listening is, and always will be, at our core. Take a few seconds to let us know what you think of our company and site.