multiplying positive outcomes

Our Mission

Multiply Positive Outcomes for People, Business & Society

for people

Help customers and employees get more value for providing data and insights

For Business

Create smarter ways for decision-makers to listen to customers and employees

For Society

Support great causes and enable organizations to focus on longer-term outcomes vs short-term results


Our Story

After advising hundreds of large companies and shareholders, we realized that the most important skill in business and investing was the ability to listen.  Listening drives better decision-making.  It enables businesses to recruit and retain customers and build great teams.  It creates alpha for investors. 

Despite these benefits, listening is rare. It requires humility and greater accountability.  The pressure for short-term results usually trumps a larger payoff over time.  Because of this, as consumers and employees we often do not feel heard.  There is no incentive or good way to provide the feedback that is truly important. 

At HundredX, we saw the opportunity to create a smarter approach to feedback that works for everyone.   Our proprietary methodology is based on the key difference between listening and survey- who decides what is important.

What we have learned since we launched our first enterprise listening solution in 2013 is that the “crowd” is collectively brilliant and people love it when they feel heard.  They even typically have something good to say, particularly about great front-line employees.

In 2019 we introduced the next evolution in our business- Express Feedback for Good.  EFG is a Data Insights Solution for enterprise that allows consumers, businesses and investors to get more value from data and support non-profits in the process.



HundredX is always looking for innovative and hard-working people that are passionate about making a difference.