multiplying positive outcomes

Our Mission

Multiply Positive Outcomes Using Technology

Our Focus

Create Listening Cultures within Organizations

Our Passion

Encourage Millions of People by Name


Our Story

After advising hundreds of enterprise clients, we came to the conclusion that the most important skill in business is listening. A Listening Culture enables companies to recruit then retain customers and build a great team. Existing customers and employees are the most profitable and productive. They also attract and refer new ones. They explain what matters and suggest ideas. Their stories drive entire corporate strategies.

However, despite all these benefits, a listening culture is rare. Establishing one requires a lot of effort plus management and employees with strong people skills. The payoff happens over time so it takes leaders that prioritize and incentivize long-term outcomes. 


We saw the opportunity to create a listening solution that replicates great people skills, harnesses the scaling power of digital, and produces a compelling and immediate return. We call this approach EmpatheTech®


We are more than a solution with a compelling ROI


We strive to use technology for good and multiply positive outcomes throughout society. When we launched our first emoji-based Express Feedback solution in 2013, we uncovered a curious result. We were happy with the huge uptick in response rates, but the feedback itself was coming back too positive. What we have since learned is that when you give people an easy way to tell you what is on their mind, they frequently have something good to say. They often want to tell you about your great people.

This new data set allows you to fix problems quickly then focus on the positive feedback including recognizing great performers. With a lot of front-line employees hanging on by a thread, that is our greatest passion and our Company's 100X outcome.


The HundredX Team

HundredX is a team of experienced technologists, data analysts, and advisors. We partner with you to identify opportunities to hear from your key stakeholders and execute an affordable and high ROI Express Feedback listening solution tailored to your needs.



HundredX is always looking for innovative and hard-working people that are passionate about making a difference.


The name HundredX originates from the illustration of the farmer who plants a good seed in the right growing conditions and produces a crop 100X greater.