Voices to impact in 60 seconds

Harnessing customer feedback data for good


95% of leaders say understanding customer needs and preferences is crucial, but 85% feel they don’t have the right data to do so.

HundredX® is transforming the way feedback is collected from consumers and used by business—making it better for companies, investors, people, and communities.

After advising hundreds of enterprises and investors, we realized the most important missing skill in business is the ability to listen. So we created innovative Data Reports and Custom Feedback Solutions designed to help business leaders make better decisions, retain customers, and build stronger teams.

Express Feedback for GoodTM Data Reports create money for non-profits while helping business leaders better understand what matters to customers.

Who we’re helping



Create impact with your voice–your feedback generates resources for non-profits you love.



Provide money for your mission at no out-of-pocket cost to your supporters.


Companies and investors

Access high-quality, benchmarked insights on more than 1,000 companies and brands while doing good.

HundredX combines the next generation of feedback with a transformational approach to decision-making.
— John Seifert, Worldwide CEO, Ogilvy

How it works


For non-profits
Ask your supporters to participate by sharing feedback on more than a thousand leading companies and brands. Your organization receives up to $2 per piece of qualifying feedback to support your cause.

For consumers
Provide feedback on the things you know well and support causes you love.

For companies and investors
Companies and investors purchase these unbiased and benchmarked insights from HundredX, allowing us to provide more money to non-profits.

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